A commitment to vetting high standards of gallery quality took us to some of the best contemporary and classic craftsmen and designers of America & Europe.   Brought to you in coordinated collections and standards desired when creating a soft world for nursery and children's needs. 

No-Risk-Shopping Return Policy:  We understand that shopping online for home and children should be risk-free.  Our Return Policy reflects one we desire when purchasing for family ourselves, timely and free of  any hidden charges or fees. 

From the Owner   Lake House was named for my father.  While sitting with him as a child in his den watching the Chargers,   I would doodle lightening bolts while he sketched his lake house plans.  His retirement home.   His one-day.   One year before his big retirement,  he passed away.   Lake House is for him and everyone who understands that life is short and that it's important to soften your corner of the world for however long we have it to soften,  for yourself and for those you love.    Thank you for shopping at Lake House. 

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